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27th Feb 2015

Robbie Savage escapes driving ban… because lawyer says he’d get abused on public transport

Commentator's lawyer comes up with novel defence

Evan Fanning

You have to hand it to Robbie Savage.

He’s carved a career for himself in the cutthroat world of world of football punditry despite the fact that nobody anywhere, not one single person, seems willing to go public and say that they enjoy watching/listening to him.

But Robbie is using that to his advantage and today escaped a driving ban after his lawyer claimed that the pony-tailed one (apologies to Roberto Baggio) can’t share a train or bus with football fans because they all hate him so much.

The 40-year-old was caught doing 99mph on the way home from Alan Shearer’s charity ball [insert couldn’t get away from it fast enough joke here]. He could have been banned for up to 28 days but was instead given a £600 fine.

His lawyer described his £230,000 Bentley as ‘a safe haven’ for the commentator.

So let’s get this straight. A large proportion of Robbie’s media work comes from the BBC, an organisation funded from the television licence fees of the British public. But Robbie can’t share a train carriage with the public because they dislike him so much that he may come to physical harm.

So the BBC are taking public money and are then using that money to pay someone to wind up the very people who gave them the money in the first place to such an extent that they couldn’t possibly share a confined space with Robbie for a short period of time.

Hat tip to Mail Online.

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