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16th Sep 2017

Robbie Savage enjoyed this Liverpool fan’s extraordinary rant after Burnley draw

Oh Jesus

Darragh Murphy

The Liverpool fan who called into BBC 5 Live on Saturday evening definitely can’t be accused of a lack of passion.

A matter of hours after Liverpool’s 1-1 draw at home to Burnley, one dejected fan named Frank just had to vent his anger about the result and the direction that Jurgen Klopp was taking the football club.

Frank raged about the defensive frailties of his beloved team after the Reds failed to deliver an expected victory over opposition that they really should be beating.

“We’ve got one of the biggest circuses at Anfield at this moment,” Frank said.

“And the biggest clown of the lot is Jurgen Klopp!”

Frank continued to hammer the defence and goalkeepers currently at Klopp’s disposal before suggesting that the time had come to part ways with the German.

“I want a manager that understands football,” he continued.

“You build a team from the back, mate. From the defence! The defence needs to be sorted out. He should have done this.

“There’s no point in signing midfielders and looking good going forward. We need a defence, mate! And he hasn’t addressed this since the first day he arrived.

“He thinks he’s going to come to my wonderful football club who I love. I’m getting emotional here, Robbie.

“Do you know what? I’ve been waiting 25 years for them to win the title. I saw a man here and I believed in him. He’s got a worse record than Brendan Rodgers!”

Host Robbie Savage was just able to sit back and smile through the tirade, safe in the knowledge that radio gold was coming his way.

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