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20th Jun 2015

Rio Ferdinand puts Harry Kane’s and Raheem Sterling’s ‘overpriced’ transfer tags in brilliant perspective

Well said

Conan Doherty

Define irony.

Rio Ferdinand having a pop at overpriced English players.

Okay, his £30m transfer tag turned out to be good value for United in the end but who’s to say Harry Kane or Rahee- alright, he’s got a point.

The Old Trafford legend took to Twitter this morning to voice his disbelief at some of the numbers being spouted for Spurs’ and Liverpool’s finest (or just hot prospects if you haven’t gotten completely carried away with yourself).

Rio hasn’t anyway and he made a bloody excellent point when he threw Sterling and Kane into the same pot as Alexis Sanchez and Sergio A-bloody-guero.

It’s quite sobering really when you take a step back and think about it.

Of course, the good folk on Twitter didn’t hesitate to throw Ferdinand’s own transfer price from Leeds to Manchester United back in his face but the former English international had the perfect response.

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