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03rd Aug 2022

Richard Madeley makes viewers cringe yet again with bizarre remark to Alessia Russo

Callum Boyle

Alessia Russo

Richard, just stop

24 hours from his weird remarks towards England women’s winning goalscorer Chloe KellyGood Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley has been at it again after he made a bizarre comment towards striker Alessia Russo.

Russo appeared on the sofa alongside Madeley and his co-presenter, Kate Garraway on Wednesday morning. In the introduction, Garraway referenced that the Manchester United forward was the first women’s footballer to have commanded a transfer fee of £1m.

Madeley then asked the forward how she was feeling after being a part of the squad to have won England their first major tournament in 56 years.

“How are you feeling? It’s three days on now. If I was your dad and asked you that – ‘How are you feeling love’ – what would you say?”

Viewers watching were left angered by the presenter’s tone and asked if he would use the same tone if he was speaking to a male footballer.

One viewer tweeted: “The likes of Richard Madeley and Good Morning Britain they need to stay far away from the Lionesses. The remarks to Chloe Kelly and Alessia Russo are just so disrespectful. That’s not how anyone should be treated never mind history makers. They’ve no idea about football either.”

You wouldn’t interview a mens player like that’

Another wrote: “Richard Madeley needs scrapped! Honestly makes me cringe every time he is on @GMB. He can’t present at all and he is always so awkward! And what is with the weird things he says to young women on the show!”

A third said: “Stunned hearing @richardm56 patronise Alessia Russo with an inappropriate dad-daughter comment, a day after an inappropriate dad-daughter comment to Chloe Kelly. You wouldn’t interview a mens player like that. Treat these ladies, our @Lionesses, with some damn respect Madeley.”

Later in the interview, Russo was able to speak to her former headteacher, John Malone, in a surprise call. Madeley embarrassed himself further by asking Malone the question: “Just remind us of what she [Russo] was like as a little kiddy winky.”

It follows after Lorraine presenter Ranvir Singh was forced to apologise after she claimed that striker Beth Mead looked “knackered” during an appearance on Tuesday’s show.

Singh said that the comment was a “slip of the tongue” and that the Lioness looked “fantastic.”

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