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22nd May 2024

Quiz: Name the four teams out of the current 92 who have never played at the new Wembley

Callum Boyle


The Hallowed Turf

It’s quiz time once again.

Wembley is the pinnacle of English football. Whether it be a cup final, play-off final or the best of them all: The Bristol Street Motors Trophy.

Every team dreams of playing there at some point in their existence but for four unlucky teams, they are yet to play at the new Wembley Stadium.

Crawley Town were the most recent side to end their Wembley absence after winning the League Two play-off final and it may be some time before the others follow suit.

You’ve got 10 minutes to get these four sides and I promise it won’t be easy. I’m even going as far to say that I think hardly any of you will get full marks.

Best of luck!

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