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16th Mar 2023

Premier League player accused of sending abusive messages to OnlyFans model



‘He was very angry and nasty with me’

An OnlyFans star, and model, claims an Everton footballer “pestered” her for nude photos on social media and when she refused he said, “Do you not know who I am?”

Alyssa Jay spoke to the Option One Podcast about some of the most outrageous DMs she’s been sent, and then later told the Daily Star about an unpleasant exchange she had with a Premier League player.

The Babestation and OnlyFans model, from Norfolk, told the publication the footballer – who they did not identify – initially sent her a direct message on Instagram before the pair began communicating on Snapchat.

The 27-year-old said: “He was like ‘are you going to send me photos’ and I refused and he was like ‘do you actually not know I am’ and he asked who I thought I was too. He was very angry and nasty with me.”

Jay said the athlete sent “abusive messages”.

“He kept saying ‘I want to see you’ and ‘send me some photos now, send me photos now’ and he was pestering me to a point. It was mad.”

She said the player’s arrogance in saying, ‘do you not know who I am” shocked her.

“I knew who he was because he messaged me on Instagram but I don’t watch football to be fair, I’m not a big football person.

“I think with footballers power just goes to their head.”


OnlyFans star on online harassment

The Star said it has seen messages the footballer sent Alyssa Jay on Instagram.

In reply to a story where Jay was posting her her dog, he wrote: “I know this took a lot of attempts” along with two laughing emojis.

He followed up with: “No way he sat perfect, my dog would be offf loool.”

The sportsman then reportedly asked who she lived with and where she was from – before the pair exchanged Snapchat usernames.

It was on this platform, that things turned nasty, and she blocked him.

Jay said it was disrespectful of the footballer to expect her to share intimate photos just because of what she does for a living.

“Oh my god, it literally happens so much,” she told the publication. “People ask for a photo and I say no and they are like ‘why not you put them on OnlyFans ’ but people pay for that.

“Just because I do this for a living doesn’t mean I will send you a photo if you ask. It happens a lot.”

Jay added that she had spoken to a couple of footballers who had been “quite nice”, but “the majority of them have been very arrogant.”

Jay said she hadn’t heard from the Everton player since she blocked him.

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