Piers Morgan attacks David Beckham for 'attention-seeking' Arsenal comment 7 years ago

Piers Morgan attacks David Beckham for 'attention-seeking' Arsenal comment

One is an incredibly popular British icon who is loved on both sides of the Atlantic. The other is Piers Morgan.

But David Beckham and the infamous Arsenal fan seem to have clashed over the Gunners' current predicament.


Following Sunday's defeat to Watford in the FA Cup, many Gooners have suggested that their season is effectively over. Some are even demanding the head of their legendary manager, Arsene Wenger.Hull City v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round Replay : News PhotoDavid Beckham was having none of that when he posted an Instagram reply bemoaning what he feels are disgraceful 'attention-seeking' fans with 'no respect'.

Most notable of which is of course the inimitable figure of Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan. A fan of Arsene he is not.

But neither is he particularly keen on Beckham, judging from his response to the ex-England captain's defence of Monsieur Wenger. This was the Good Morning Britain presenter's rather unceremonious retort.


And say what you like about Morgan - and plenty do - but he was not backing down from his reprimand, going on to make his feelings about the whole Beckham clan very clear indeed.