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25th Dec 2015

PIC: Edgar Davids uses cheeky Van Gaal meme to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

Full of his fun

Nooruddean Choudry

Those crazy Dutch, they just love being controversial.

Renowned former hardman (he probably still is) Edger Davids could have expressed his festive salutations in a plethora of ways, but instead felt his compatriot and former boss Louis van Gaal said it best.

The Man United manager did not mince his words when he faced the media earlier in the week, delivering a forthright soliloquy lambasting their behaviour before wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in the most pointed way.

Well Davids wasn’t going to let the moment pass without making a cheeky reference to the incident. His Christmas Day Instagram includes Van Gaal’s infamous “Enjoy the wine and a mince pie. Goodbye” signoff…

We assume the post was made in good humour as an affectionate nod to his former manager…we hope so at least.

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