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25th Mar 2015

Pepe proves he isn’t a total boll*cks by asking Pique about his baby during El Clasico

See, he ain't all bad

Sean Nolan

Pepe, apparently a nicer man than he seems

The Portuguese and Real Madrid defender Pepe regularly features on any list of the world’s most hated footballers. And he more than deserves to be there.

From his viciously brutal assaults on his fellow footballers to his often disgraceful reaction to any attempt to touch him, he must be a horrible player to play against and every supporter whose team faces him will call him every name under the sun.

Add in his tendancy to snarl at officials as well as a face that just seems very punchable and you have a package that makes him seem like a truly awful human being.

But new evidence has emerged that suggets that, shock, horror, he may not be as bad an egg as we thought.

Gerard Pique has told Marca that Pepe engaged him in what can only be described as a thorougly nice chat during El Clasico on Sunday.

“At a corner Pepe asked about my second son and if he is a handful at home. So did [referee] Mateu Lahoz at one point when Ronaldo was attacking.”

Pique second son was born in January.

Okay, he didn’t abolish world hunger or adopt a thousand homeless kittens but it is a step in the right direction for the Madrid man.

Just think twice before you scream something awful next time you see him on the screen.

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report

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