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13th Feb 2015

Paul Scholes disappoints everyone by retracting his Robbie Savage ‘k******d’ comment

Well-wishers congratulate Scholesy for his original comment

Evan Fanning

This apology is as mis-timed as one of his tackles

Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knobhead live on television earlier this week and everyone rejoiced.

Scholesy has been renowned for telling it like it is ever since he moved into the punditry game and here he was telling it like it us, sticking it to The Man for us, the little guys, sitting at home wondering why nobody but us can see things as they really are.

But Scholesy has now rowed back quicker than a politician on an election pledge and apologised.

Not just any apology, but a weak one.

In his column in London’s Independent newspaper Scholes writes: ‘The “knobhead” comment was something of a reflex that came out because I must have been so relaxed on the Fletch and Sav sofa. In reality, I did not even realise I had said it until the presenter, Darren Fletcher, apologised on air a few minutes later.’

In some respects Scholes is right. Watching Fletch and Sav brings out a reflex in all of us that makes us say things like knobhead under our breath, but that’s kind of the point of these shows.  They’re entertain you by infuriating you.

But Scholes wasn’t finished there.

‘So let me clarify: I don’t think Robbie Savage is a knobhead! We have known each other since we were kids and I enjoy being on the show with him.’

So that’s that settled then.

Robbie Savage. Not a knobhead.

To read Paul Scholes’ full column click here.

You can rejoice in the original clip below.

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