Paul Pogba booked for his own 'Hand of Pog' attempt 2 years ago

Paul Pogba booked for his own 'Hand of Pog' attempt

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba received a yellow card for a Diego Maradona-esque hand ball during the first-half of United's Premier League visit of West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

Referee Paul Tierney issued the French international a yellow card when he jumped over Baggies defender Kieran Gibbs to slap down a cross with his right hand towards the visitors goal.

Despite his best efforts to disguise the offence, Pogba's hand clearly touches the ball and was picked up on straight away by Tierney who cautioned the midfielder.

United manager Jose Mourinho asked for consistency from the France international this week following his two-goal performance in last weekend's win over Manchester City.

"I will tell you what I told him after the (City) match and it's exactly what I told him - I don't expect you to be man of the match every week, I don't expect you to score two goals every week," Mourinho said before Sunday's game.

"I expect you to be consistent in a certain level.

"So, if you ask me, I'm expecting Paul now to be man of the match every week? No.

"If I expect him to score goals every match? No.

"But I expect Paul - and I think that's the challenge he has to put to himself - to keep a certain stability and not to have the good match and the so-so match and the bad match.

"I think he has to try to keep that level of stability and, from that stability of course will appear the special match with the special performance, like it happened against City.

"The first thing is stability at training level, stability during the working week. And the past two, three weeks I'm really happy with him."