Patrick Vieira scores below the belt cheap shot on Arsene Wenger 6 years ago

Patrick Vieira scores below the belt cheap shot on Arsene Wenger

Even after everything that happened this season?

Patrick Vieira will have pissed off a good few Arsenal fans with a recent interview with The Times.


The main focus of the interview was about his managerial influences as he tries to build his own legacy as new manager of New York City FC.

The Frenchman worked under Wenger at Arsenal for almost a decade, a period in which he elevated himself to hero status among the club's supporters. However, when asked who would he the manager of his dream XI, Vieira chose one of Wenger's biggest rivals, Jose Mourinho.

"He's the manager who had more influence on me.  He was the one who impressed me most on his work ethic. He knew everything about the opposition, the strength, weakness."

"His detail was unbelievable; everything was so clear about what he wanted from each player. I don't know what happened at Chelsea but he always got the best out of his players."

"Arsene is more concentrated on his own team. He gives freedom to players to express themselves. It's a different style."



Vieira also revealed he went through a long period of not talking to Wenger, but insisted he has a friendly relationship with his former boss.