Olivier Giroud stays true to head-shave promise after winning World Cup 3 years ago

Olivier Giroud stays true to head-shave promise after winning World Cup

Olivier Giroud is a man of his word.

Giroud has stayed true to his promise that he'd shave his head if France managed to go the whole way and win the World Cup.


Now in case you hadn't heard, France did indeed win the World Cup thanks to a 4-2 victory over Croatia last weekend.

Giroud started the majority of Les Bleus' games in Russia and got his hands on the most coveted trophy in football with the odd statistic of failing to register a single shot on target throughout the entire tournament.

But the centre-forward did provide an outlet to win any high balls when Didier Deschamps decided to mix up strategies.

Supporters were quick to remind Giroud of his pre-tournament promise last week and some were annoyed when he sported a full head of hair after dodging a presenter's razor during a TV segment.

But the Chelsea striker has since bitten the bullet and got his slicked locks shaved off, revealing that his wife made him wait until after his son's Christening before he drastically changed his look.

"I only have one word, so I will respect it," Giroud said.

"My wife wants me to do it after the Christening of our son on Sunday."


Well Sunday night arrived and Giroud took to social media to confirm that he had indeed made good on his promise.

Luckily, he's not the worst looking lad in the world so has pulled it off.

Fair play to the French players for accepting their World Cup forfeits. Giroud's close-cut follows on from Adil Rami getting walloped by martial arts star Teddy Rinner on live French TV.


A team of heroes.