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22nd Dec 2021

Plans revealed for ‘new San Siro’ Inter and AC Milan stadium revealed

Callum Boyle

The stadium will become the first carbon neutral stadium in the world

Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan have released plans for the soon-to-be redeveloped San Siro in the project which has been named ‘The Cathedral’.

The plans feature a brand new stadium, which is set to have a capacity of roughly 65,000, as well as sports and leisure facilities which will be made free-of-charge for citizens of Milan in a pedestrian-free area stretching over 110,000 sqm.

Designs for the stadium are being formulated by the group Populous with inspiration being drawn from two of the most iconic landmarks in the city of Milan – the Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – to create one of the most eye-catching stadiums in the world.

The plans for the redeveloped San Siro (credit: Populous)

New San Siro will be ‘the most beautiful stadium in the world’

In addition to providing a sporting and cultural hub, the new plans also reveal that the new stadium and area around it will become the first carbon neutral arena in the world, using innovative materials and groundbreaking technology that uses water and electricity to help achieve a zero-net carbon zone.

Paolo Scaroni, the president of AC Milan, hailed the new plans and believes the redeveloped San Siro will be one of the ‘most beautiful’ stadiums in the world. He said:

“The new San Siro will be the most beautiful stadium in the world for its strong identity and recognisability.

“An attractive arena, accessible and sustainable for the city of Milan that will facilitate the growth of the clubs and their global competitiveness.”

Meanwhile, Inter’s corporate CEO, Alessandro Antonello added: “The New Stadium of Milan will be in an extra-contemporary green area that can be lived all year round.

“The new district for sport and leisure and its 50,000 sqm park will make San Siro the go-to neighbourhood for sport and entertainment.”

As of yet, there is no confirmed deadline for the completion of the project, but it is expected to be ready by 2024 or 2025, with final plans of the project set to be submitted next year.

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