Neville and Carragher make their picks for the Premier League's top four 1 year ago

Neville and Carragher make their picks for the Premier League's top four

Sky Sports football pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have both picked Manchester United and Tottenham to finish inside the Premier League's top four teams.

There are currently just three points separating Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United with just six games to play.

Finishing inside the top four gives clubs a chance to qualify for the Champions League next season and Neville and Carragher both think that Arsenal will struggle away from home despite having a relatively kinder run of fixtures.

"If you look at the fixtures, I look at Tottenham's fixtures, I have to say that's obviously the one that stands out, but if you look at Arsenal's fixtures you'd say they have the best run as they don't play against any of the top teams," Neville said on Sky Sports.

"The problem they have got is that they have four away games Arsenal and they're shocking away from home. Chelsea have got United and Liverpool away, they're two tough games at the end of the season, I would with United put Everton in there as a tough game, City and Chelsea.

"You've got the added complication of Europe as well, massive European games for these teams, you could not pick them. For the moment I think Tottenham will finish third because they have the four home games and they're the ones I think that can accumulate the points and if I look at United specifically... Ole himself said before the Wolves game that they'd need about 15 points to get into the top four, that game has fallen away now, but you look at the rest of their matches and there's six there, they have to win five of them.

"If United are going to get 15 points from the rest of those games they're going to have to go soon. They've got win big matches and that's going to be a challenge."

Arsenal have won just five out of 15 away games this season, compared to 14 out of 17 at home, and Carragher struggles to see the Gunners winning more than one out of their four away games.

"I think their back on track with their fixtures after a poor run and they have the home stadium now. Arsenal have better fixtures than Chelsea and Man United but I'd be surprised if Arsenal won more than one away game. I don't see them winning more than one away game."