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30th Nov 2014

Mario Götze’s incredibly sound gesture for children’s charity

Good man, Götze

Ben Kiely

See Joe Brolly? Some professional footballers can be role models.

Mario Götze has decided to auction off the boot that turned in that memorable extra-time goal that won Germany their first World Cup in 24 years. The real kicker is that all the proceeds from the auction will be going to a German children’s charity.

Götze will be flogging the boot that sank thousands of Argentinian hearts to raise funds for “A Heart For Children”, an organisation that helps children in need. The Bayern Munich midfielder may have vastly increased the value of the collector’s item by revealing that the boot has barely been touched since the final.

I have never washed the shoe. It is still in the same condition as it was in Rio, when I left the stadium with it.

There is still grass on it. I have never put the boot on after the final. I kept it safe at my house.

Apparently, Götze was inspired to use the boot to raise funds for a worthy cause after being hounded by several organisations who were looking to take it off his hands for a considerable amount of money.

I was often asked, many were interested. For example, sponsors, other companies and friends.

The one who makes the largest donation to “A Heart for Children” in the seven days before the TV gala gets my World Cup boot!

What a touching gesture!

Hat-tip to ESPN

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