Fans are far from impressed by Chelsea's Marcos Alonso 'skill' video 5 years ago

Fans are far from impressed by Chelsea's Marcos Alonso 'skill' video

Call him a Bolton / Sunderland reject all you like, the fact remains that new Chelsea signing Marcos Alonso is more gifted at football than the vast majority of people that are bothering to read this instead of immediately scrolling down to the video bit.

As is the done thing these days, his new club were eager to stick some kind of footage of their new man up on their social media platforms as soon as his signing from Fiorentina was confirmed.


With the Spaniard pulling on his new side's shirt for the first time, someone handed him a ball. At this point, you might have expected the 25-year-old to show off some of his skills. Y'know, a couple of around the worlds or something... keepy uppies at the very least.

But, as the video below shows, Marcos was having none of that fancy nonsense.

Instead, he opts to absolutely murder a left-footed volley into an empty goal, from all of seven yards.


Sure, it might have been close to the top corner, but not even the (slightly unnecessary) slow-motion footage was enough to impress many of those that saw the post on Twitter.

Many were quick to point out that, even though they probably don't cost £23m, they would have no trouble smashing a football into a vacant goal.


Other were impressed by how far from goal Alonso was when he unleashed his volley...


Then this bloke pointed out that Alonso might *not* have been trying to score at all, and this was actually a comedy own goal...

That's got us thinking.

Alonso could make his Chelsea debut when they travel to Swansea after the international break.


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