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Manchester United's new adidas kit looks more like cricket gear than football wear
Wrong Old Trafford...

Wrong Old Trafford, mate.

In this age of snazzy football shirts and even snazzier training kits (do youngsters say 'snazzy' anymore?), it's refreshing when a sports manufacturer goes back to basics. Although that 'basic' tends to focus mainly on football.

But adidas seem to have taken inspiration from Old Trafford Cricket Ground when it comes to their brand new clobber for the likes of Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Anthony Martial and Juan Mata.

Rather than the more regular colour scheme of red, black and yellow, they've gone for the rather novel off-white with blue trim - which looks more like test cricket wear than anything football related.

Strangely, we can quite imagine Zlatan banging in bouncers, Carrick playing a patient Boycott-style innings, De Gea behind the wickets, and Bailly producing a stunning catch.

Equally predictable would be Fellaini confidently striding out to the crease, only to be out as a golden duck...


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