Further details on removal of Matt Busby 'plaque' at Old Trafford have emerged 7 years ago

Further details on removal of Matt Busby 'plaque' at Old Trafford have emerged

Any Manchester United fan of a certain age - or indeed any fan who has done the slightest bit of research on the club's past - will know about the importance of Matt Busby.

Despite spending the bulk of his playing career with Liverpool and Manchester City, the Scot spent more than two decades in charge at Old Trafford and delivered the club its first European Cup victory in 1968.


So when reports emerged that their former manager's plaque had been removed from the directors' box at United's home ground, questions were asked.


However, the backlash may have been a little premature, as it appears as though the Busby family are satisfied with the new seats with which they have been provided and have few (if any complaints) about the new situation.

A poster in the Manchester United fan forum RedCafe has gone into further detail, revealing that the number of eligible Busby family members is greater than the number of available seats in the box, so alternative seats have been provided.


A photograph of the Busby Family plaque (not a specific Matt Busby plaque, as originally reported) has since circulated, along with the additional claims from the RedCafe poster.


And some United fans have hit out at those taking umbrage to the changes made by the club, suggesting in no uncertain terms where any critics can go.

Others, meanwhile, have poked fun at the instant outrage displayed by some without knowledge of the full story.

Busby still has a statue outside Old Trafford, of course, while one of the streets leading up to the ground was renamed Sir Matt Busby Way in 1993.