Man United star Brandon Williams seen ‘inhaling nitrous oxide’ 2 months ago

Man United star Brandon Williams seen ‘inhaling nitrous oxide’

He was caught on film near the club’s Carrington training ground

Manchester United full back Brandon Williams was pictured appearing to inhale nitrous oxide from a balloon while near the club’s training ground.


Williams, who has failed to break into the side’s first-team this season, was filmed appearing to breathe in the laughing gas as a passenger in a moving Mercedes.

In the video published by The Sun, Williams then seemingly passes the canister to another passenger in the car while being videoed from another vehicle. It is unclear when the exact date of the footage was filmed.

A spokesperson told the paper: “Anyone who follows United or football seriously would have recognised him instantly. It’s irresponsible considering he’s a public figure.

“He’s meant to be a role model for youngsters and upcoming footballers.


“Taking that rubbish, especially so casually, could be hindering his ability on the pitch. There is no doubt his manager will not be impressed by it.”

The laughing gas is not illegal to possess or use, but is illegal to supply under current legislation as the government plans to crack down on the use of the legal high and ban it completely to toughen their stance on crime.

Nitrous oxide gives users a temporary euphoric high and can lead to fits of giggles, induce hallucinations and sound distortions.

Since the arrival of Erik ten Hag game time has been hard to come by for Williams and has only seen five minutes of game time so far this season and has made 51 appearances for his boyhood club.


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