'It makes my stomach turn' - Tony Cascarino blasts Millwall fans for chants and brawling 1 year ago

'It makes my stomach turn' - Tony Cascarino blasts Millwall fans for chants and brawling

Former Republic of Ireland international Tony Cascarino has said that watching Millwall fans fight Everton supporters and sing derogatory chants about Pakistani people made his stomach turn.

Everton fan Jay Burns' had his cheek slashed in a brawl outside Surrey Quays station before their FA Cup fourth round clash at The Den with a section of fans also singing 'I'd rather be a Paki than a scouse' during the game.

Cascarino, who played for Millwall for three seasons between 1987 and 1990, condemned the behaviour but insisted that there is a minority of fans that desperately want to hang on to the club's reputation which he feels is embarrassing.

“I played for the club, and yesterday was fantastic,” Cascarino said on talkSPORT.

“My concern is – I feel embarrassed for my own club. Yesterday was another incident in what is happening to a club I have great affection for.

“I just feel this has to stop with Millwall fans. Yes, there were two sets of fans yesterday – I can’t speak about Everton fans as I don’t know what their behaviour is – but I’ve got friends who follow Millwall and they pride themselves on their reputation of being notorious.

“It makes my stomach turn when I see what is happening with certain individuals at this football club, because it is a small minority who keep doing it. The list is endless.

“Millwall have never been able to shake this reputation – why? Because there are a certain number of fans at that football club who just want to keep it. They don’t want it [the reputation] to ever go. When I saw the images I was like ‘not again’…

“There are a number [of people who cause trouble] and they are proud of it. Get rid of it!”

The FA confirmed that they would be investigating the incident while Everton fan Burns has been offered free facial surgery by Dr. Leah Clinics once his stitches have been removed.