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13th Jun 2021

Luka Modric slams ‘arrogant’ English media ahead of Croatia match

Kieran Galpin

Modric marches for Victory, slamming the media while doing so.

Hopes are high for this year’s European Championships, with fans and the media alike hoping that football might, finally, be coming home. But, Luka Modric has insisted not to discount Croatia yet.

Following Croatia’s World cup triumph over England back in 2018, a number of the players had some pointed words to say about the English. Modric had the following to say during an interview with ITV.

“English journalists, pundits from television, they underestimated Croatia and that was a huge mistake,” he said.

“They should be more humble and respect more opponents.

“All these words from them we take, we were reading and we were saying, ‘OK, today we will see who will be tired’.”

But now, three years later, Modric has not changed his position on the English media.

“That arrogance is not so much related to the players but the people around them, some of the journalists and the commentators,” he said.


There were some kind words, however. In the same interview, Modric said he highly rates England – and in particular Mason Mount – and that they are clear front runners alongside the likes of France.

But Modric insists that it doesn’t bother the Croatian team that they are not the favourites.

“It’s our destiny for everyone to underestimate us,” Modric tells talkSPORT.

England start their Euro 2020 campaign against Croatia at 2pm today.

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