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27th Mar 2017

A lot of people were creeped out by Michael Owen’s Mother’s Day message

Is this really that bad?


Poor Michael Owen.

It’s got to a stage now where people will pick fault with pretty much everything he says and does these days. Sure, his football punditry isn’t exactly ground-breaking, or necessarily telling you anything you didn’t know, and his online persona has a hint of the Alan Partridge’s about it. But he doesn’t half receive some flak for the most innocuous of things.

Even his appearance – and an expertly taken goal – in a charity ‘legends’ game on Saturday against Real Madrid at Anfield was mocked and derided. It seems he can’t catch a break.

Take Sunday, when pretty much everyone was caught up in the warm glow of Mother’s Day. You couldn’t read your timeline for very long without spotting someone’s message to their mum, or a more general tribute to all the mams out there. And quite innocently, Owen decided to join in.

Now the former Liverpool and Manchester United forward has form for creeping out his 3.6m followers, as is evident is this rather peculiar canine-based post…

But this is what he chose to tweet on Mothering Sunday:

It seems rather innocuous and harmless enough to us here at SportsJOE, but that didn’t stop many feelings a little queasy at what they found cringeworthy and not a little seedy…

Poor fella. He can’t catch a break.

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