Leicester City fans apologise after Roy Keane and Ian Wright abused at Wembley 2 years ago

Leicester City fans apologise after Roy Keane and Ian Wright abused at Wembley

'Apologies on behalf of all the good Leicester fans.'

Ian Wright and Roy Keane were subjected to some awful abuse during their punditry stint at Wembley Stadium, on Saturday, with many Leicester City fans sending their apologies on behalf of the club.


Wright and Keane were in the broadcast gantry for ITV, during their coverage of the Community Shield game between Leicester and Manchester City. Brendan Rodgers' side won 1-0, but Wright was some horrified by the torrents of abuse he received that he took action.

Following the game, Wright recorded a video that he uploaded directly to Twitter, which called out the supporters that he felt were responsible for "disgraceful" behaviour.

"Let me just clear that up because obviously Leicester fans know how much respect I've got for them, their owners and constantly bigging up Leicester and what they do.

"But what I got to say, where we were today - doing punditry from the gantry where we were, some of the Leicester fans and what they were doing - calling Roy and 'Irish c***' and mouthing words to me, they know what words they were mouthing - you let yourselves down, big time.

"Really disappointed on what was a fantastic day for Leicester City fans. Them fans, in front of those kids, throwing the stuff down and what they were doing - mouthing and shouting the stuff they were - disgraceful.

"Leicester shouldn't be acting like that, certain fans you don't represent Leicester."


Wright's post has led to a swathe of Leicester City fans taking to social media to apologise on behalf of the club and tens of thousands of supporters that abhor such behaviour.

'Unfortunately every club and place in England has its share of ****heads and we’re no different,' wrote one fan. 'Apologies on behalf of all the good Leicester fans, you and Roy Keane are welcome to the KP anytime. Drinks on us to show you the love.'

Leicester City also posted a reply to the former Arsenal and England striker:


'Thank you for not letting this pass, Ian Wright. We'd welcome your help in identifying those involved so they can be held to account. We wholeheartedly condemn all forms of discrimination.'

With football fans returning to grounds across the UK for the new season, many of us would have hoped this sort of appalling carry on would be left well and truly behind.


Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case.