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19th Apr 2022

‘It’s not the club I played for’ – Roy Keane on Man United’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool

Robert Redmond

roy keane united liverpool

“It was anger earlier in the season, now I think it’s just sadness.”

Roy Keane has said that he is ‘sad’ about the current state of Manchester United. Keane was speaking about his former team immediately after Liverpool hammered the Red Devils 4-0 at Anfield.

Luis Diaz, Mohamed Salah (2) and Sadio Mane scored for the home side. For Man United, it was another embarrassing evening in what has been a disastrous season.

Roy Keane on Man United’s loss to Liverpool.

“It was anger earlier in the season, now I think it’s just sadness,” Keane said on Sky Sports.

“You look at the team today with United, there was no heart there, no soul. There are no leaders, they lack quality. They are so far off it.

“There was no surprise with the scoreline. You just felt Liverpool could score any time they went forward.

“There is disarray at the club from the top, from the board, and the fans have no time for the owners.

“They need a new manager, they need players in and players out. It’s so sad to see, United.

“It’s not the club I played for. It doesn’t reflect the Man United team I played for.

“It’s chalk and cheese. I don’t see a Man United team out there fighting and with pride.”

You can watch Keane speak about United below.

Keane on Man United’s players.

Keane went on to criticise several of United’s players. He took aim at Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and Jesse Lingard amongst others

Keane said that Lingard ‘should have left United two years ago, he’s not good enough to play for United.’

The former United captain said that Rashford ‘played like a child up front’ and he criticised Maguire, saying his ‘defending and passing is not good enough for Man United.’

As for Fernandes, Keane said the midfielder was ‘robotic’ during his interview’.

“This team isn’t even likeable, there’s no soul to this team, you don’t even warm to them,” the Irishman continued.

“They’ve already left the building. They’re on their holidays. They’ve switched off. They don’t turn up. They should be hiding.”

Liverpool 4-0 Man United.

Liverpool’s 4-0 win put them back on top of the table ahead of Manchester City’s game against Brighton on Tuesday night.

Man United, meanwhile, remain in sixth place ahead of Saturday’s game against Arsenal.

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