You can buy footballer themed burgers outside the Juventus stadium 4 years ago

You can buy footballer themed burgers outside the Juventus stadium

There's one called the Vardy burger.

An evening out at the football isn't complete without some hot food from a van, especially at away games. Especially at away matches in another country.


The Spurs fans who were lucky enough to be able to make the trip to Turin for the first leg of their knockout tie against Juventus tonight will be eager to try some of the local street food during their visit.

Probably sick of pizza by now, they might fancy a hot, greasy burger to soak up the booze they've been consuming all day. Well, they're in luck.

Independent sports writer Jonathan Liew is at the Juventus Stadium for the match tonight and this food van caught his eye.


The burgers on offer are named after legendary footballers, past and present. Fiorentina and Roma legend Gabriel Batistuta has his own burger, as does Alessandro Del Piero, Christian Vieri and Diego Maradona.

Some of the combinations of ingredients seem strange, but who are we to question the Italians' culinary decisions?

Out of shot, but apparently on offer is the Vardy burger, which features sausages, bacon, cheddar cheese and something called "happy hour". It certainly sounds like something Jamie Vardy would enjoy, although the mystery of what the happy hour ingredient comprises would certainly put me off trying it.