Jordan Pickford's new boots are absolutely ridiculous 9 months ago

Jordan Pickford's new boots are absolutely ridiculous

Jordan Pickford, English national hero

Most footballers have personal stitchings on their football boots. Their children's names, their child's date of birth, or their wedding anniversary. It's normally something deep and meaningful, to inspire them before a game in those final moments in the changing rooms.

But not Jordan Pickford. Oh no. Jordan Pickford does not care for your sentimentality. Kids? Shmids. Jordan Pickford has the most inspirational phrase of them all on his boots: 'GET THE RAVE ON'.

Yes. England's goalkeeping hero, with his beautiful cross field diagonals, super-human flexibility and delightfully charming Mackem accent, has 'GET THE RAVE ON' stitched into his football boots.

Get the rave on.

Brilliant, isn't it?