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05th Nov 2022

Jamie Clarke takes sabbatical from soccer to commit to Crossmaglen

Lee Costello

Jamie Clarke

“He’ll be a welcome addition back to us.”

Jamie Clarke has decided to take a sabbatical from playing soccer with Newry City in order to fully commit his time and focus to Crossmaglen and the Ulster championship.

Clarke had joined the Irish Premiership side earlier this year in what was a surprising move, given that he chose not be available for Armagh to focus on travel and pursue other passions.

However, the man of many talents is sought after by several outlets, but when it came down to it, his heart always belonged to Crossmaglen.

Jamie Clarke

The flying forward did find himself in a sticky situation earlier in the county championship when he wasn’t selected by his club because he played a soccer match earlier that week.

Ultimately that forced him to take a break from his new profession and with all of his efforts back on the GAA, he helped his side wi their first Armagh championship in three years – a long time in Crossmaglen years.

As long as Cross remain in the provincial championship, Clarke won’t be playing for Newry, something which his manager is very understanding of.

Jamie Clarke

“We just agreed with Jamie to go ahead and play his Gaelic because dipping in and out was becoming difficult for him,” Newry City manager Darren Mullen told The Irish news.

“He’s going to be playing the Ulster Championship with ‘Cross. The difference with Jamie is he’s a Gaelic player looking to play a bit of soccer. Gaelic is first and foremost and that’s why there was never any pressure from our side.

“Coming back in and going back out again wasn’t giving him a proper chance to get a run in the team. I said: ‘Go and play with ‘Cross and see how it goes.’

Jamie Clarke

“He was doing really well for us for a lad that hadn’t played at that level and adapted really well. When he’s ready he’ll be a welcome addition back to us.”

Crossmaglen Rangers (Armagh) play Ballybay Pearse Brothers (Monaghan) tonight, the Athletic Grounds, 7.15pm.

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