Jamie Carragher belted out Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk chant on stage 1 year ago

Jamie Carragher belted out Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk chant on stage

This one might be the best chant in the game.

Liverpool bounced back from their slight wobble - two consecutive draws - on Saturday, beating Bournemouth 3-0 at home to reclaim their place at the top of the Premier League.

Goals from Sadio Mane, Gini Wijnaldum and Mohamed Salah allowed the red half of the city to breathe a sigh of relief. Trent Alexander-Arnold was back, the expansive, incisive football was back. Everything was normal again.

Many Liverpool fans celebrated the victory by heading out and getting on it, including former Reds defender Jamie Carragher apparently.

A video began to circulate on Twitter on Saturday night, showing Carragher on stage with Jamie Webster, Liverpool fan and singer/songwriter, singing the chant dedicated to Virgil Van Dijk that Webster composed.

To the tune of Dirty Old Town by The Pogues, the chant's lyrics go:

He's our centre-half,  he's our number four

Watch him defend, and we watch him score

He'll pass the ball, calm as you like,

He's Virgil Van Dijk, he's Vigil van Dijk

And repeat several times with varying intensity.

It's truly a fantastic chant; uplifting, catchy, lyrically inventive. Add that to the Salah chant to the tune of Sit Down by James, and the Scousers have two of the best chants in the game right now. So that's two tables they're on top of.

Anyway, Carragher was enjoying his night and took it upon himself to get up on stage and do lead vocals. He appears to have a beer in his hand, which would explain why he's not quite managing to hit the notes, but it's a great watch nevertheless. He is evidently still adored by Reds fans and rightly so.

Liverpool host Bayern Munich in the first leg of their Champions League knockout tie on Tuesday, before making the short trip to Old Trafford next weekend. Everyone involved will be relieved to see the team get a much-needed win ahead of an important week, and fans will almost certainly be belting out this chant over the next seven days.