Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane clash over Cristiano Ronaldo's role at Man Utd 5 months ago

Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane clash over Cristiano Ronaldo's role at Man Utd

"The game's about scoring goals."

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher clashed on Sky Sports following Manchester United's draw at Chelsea, arguing about the role of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.


The Portugal international was a second-half substitute for the Red Devils, having been dropped to the bench after starting against Villarreal in the Champions League in midweek.

The decision to drop the forward is one that caused a heated debate between former Liverpool man Carragher and ex-United midfielder Keane, who began to argue what he was brought to Old Trafford for.

"Ronaldo's not the player he was," Carragher stated. "He's obviously still delivering for Manchester United in terms of goals, but I don't think it should be a big story if Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't start every game or at times comes off."

"Not every game Jamie," Keane replied, "but this is a big game for Manchester United today, I'd forgive some of the other group games in the Champions League if United are going to get through, but Ronaldo, if you bumped into him in the car park, you see a guy who's won everything in the game, come back to United to try and lift the club, of course he'd want to play in these games."


When Carragher stated that every player wants to play all the games, Keane interjected: "But they're not all world class and scored 800 goals, if you're watching United today, you're looking at it thinking, if a ball falls to anyone, even at 36, it's Ronaldo.

"It's not as if he's come back to the club and not scored, he looks on it, he looks interested - but this idea that he's getting the blame for the high press.

"You don't bring Ronaldo back to Man United to sit on the bench, of course he's not going to start every game, but it's Chelsea away where there's going to be counter attacks."


Jamie Carragher on why Man United signed Ronaldo

Carragher then claimed that United signed Ronaldo purely because they were 'terrified' that he was going to sign for their rivals Manchester City.

"Why did Manchester United sign Ronaldo? They signed him because they were terrified that he would sign for Manchester City, there was no plan to sign him."


Keane replied: "But he was always going to play Jamie, you're gonna sign Ronaldo to sit on the bench?

"We're talking about stats, stats obviously take over the world."

When asked if Ronaldo's stats were good, Carragher said: "Goalscoring, yeah."

Keane then fired back at the former Reds man, saying: "The games about scoring goals!"

Carragher continued: "Are Manchester United closer to the title? No. We speak about goalscorer, it's a team game."


"If you sign someone at 36, it's to win right now."

Keane than stated that Ronaldo had "not come back to win the league", which caused Carragher to further question the decision to sign him.

"What's he come back for then?" Carragher asked. "So what is he here for?

"Is that where Manchester United have gone? Being happy with cups?"

Keane replied: "I'm not, but that's where they're at as a club. Look at the team, look at the league, look at the last two or three years."

"They were never going to win the league with Ronaldo."

The conversation ended with Carragher asking why exactly they signed him, to which Keane stated that the signing was made to help the club win 'trophies'.

United's next match sees them host Arsenal in the Premier League on Thursday night.

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