The real reason behind James Maddison's remarkable football boots 2 years ago

The real reason behind James Maddison's remarkable football boots

James Maddison. Baller.

There is no accounting for personal taste, and it's fair to say that James Maddison's colourful footwear over the festive weekend wasn't to everyone's taste. The Leicester City playmaker donned a pair of inescapably eye-catching football boots during the Foxes' thrilling 2-2 draw with Manchester United - and they certainly didn't go unnoticed on social media and beyond.



Originally white, the new Puma Future 6.1 boots are colourfully adorned with a bespoke design very personal to Maddison. And before you get too excited about buying yourself a pair as a belated Christmas present, don't, because these babies are not for sale.

First of all, they include his personal life motto: 'Be yourself, everybody else is taken' (...although we hasten to add he didn't come up with that line himself and may have borrowed it from assumed originator Oscar Wilde).

Secondly, the design prominently features the midfielder's famous '10' shirt number. The bright rainbow design is significant too. As well as Leicester City royal blue, various shades and brush strokes of red, sky blue, and yellow and green are present to represent the colours of Coventry, Norwich City and Aberdeen - the three other clubs Maddison has represented in his career thus far.


It's fair to say Maddison is hugely pleased by the end product, customised by the very talented @afrokickz. The player commented: "I just wanted it to be personal, I always wanted a boot that I could design. I always wanted the main colour of the boot to be white as that's when I feel at my best and I walk out on pitch ready to go."