It's his 30th birthday so here are 11 reasons why we love Paul McShane 3 years ago

It's his 30th birthday so here are 11 reasons why we love Paul McShane

We simply can't get enough of the flame-haired flame-thrower of truth.

Today, Paul McShane turns 30 so we thought it was the perfect day to pay our own tribute to one of our favourite Irish internationals.

We don't care what your preconceptions are of the great man, we're here to show you just what a living legend the Wicklow fellow is.

1. He takes penalties like a beast


2. Hairstyles

Paul has made fine use of his red gruaig down the years. From the moptop look in 2007 to the more styled do he was sporting in 2013, how the man has escaped the attention of L'Oreal we'll never know.

Paul McShane interviewed by the media 4/9/2007 Republic of Ireland v Georgia - International Friendly

3. Twitter

McShane has a strong Twitter game. The signs were good when this was his debut.

And if you like frequent Fr Ted references, then he is definitely a must follow.

4. But his Instagram game is even stronger (warning: contains underwear shots)


5. This on his Wikipedia page a while back

McShane wiki

6. His favourite meal

He likes going to TGI Fridays and ordering all the starters, no main course. Seriously. Check out the below video from 2.40.

7. This header

The brave bastard.

8. One very important goal

This goal on the final day of the 2013 season helped Hull get promoted back to the Premier League.

9. The 'Don't Sell McShane' song sung by Hull fans

This is true love:

Don't sell McShane,
Super Paul McShane,
I just don't think you understand
That if you sell Paul McShane,
Super Paul McShane,
You'll have a f***ing riot on your hands...

Reading's gain.

10. He came up with the famous Phil Brown/Jimmy Bullard celebration

"It was my idea," McShane told the Herald in 2009. "I want compensation from Jimmy - he's been everywhere in the press! I was just going to bed and brushing my teeth and it came to me. I thought that would be a good celebration. I was dying to score but Jimmy was probably the best man to do it and he did it well."

11. He's a big, big fan of The Ultimate Warrior

In fact, as he explained to us, he was a big, big fan of all things WWF. Of course he was.

Happy birthday, Paul McShane. You legend.