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12th Oct 2017

Irishman has James McClean to thank after outrageous 2,000/1 punt comes good

This will surely be spent on tickets to Russia

Darragh Culhane


There’s only one thing that is being spent on.

A cool €9,000 would go a long way to paying for an away trip to God knows where when Ireland face a mystery opponent in a World Cup playoff, it’ll then also come in handy when Martin O’Neill’s side travel to Russia to win the World Cup.

But how does someone go about winning that much money? It’s easy really just go and correctly predict every World Cup qualifier from Monday and Tuesday.

That’s what one lucky punter from Dublin did, predicting a staggering 18 results at odds just shy of 2000/1 and a stake of €4.50 at Ladbrokes.

And the list of results is impressive.

  • Italy to beat Albania
  • Finland and Turkey to draw
  • Macedonia to beat Liechtenstein
  • Iceland to beat Kosovo
  • Spain to beat Israel
  • Austria to beat Moldova
  • Serbia to beat Georgia
  • Croatia to beat Ukraine
  • Ireland to beat Wales (Wehey!)
  • Belgium to beat Cyprus
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina to beat Estonia
  • France to beat Belarus
  • Greece to beat Gibraltar
  • Hungary to beat the Faroe Islands
  • Latvia to beat Andorra
  • Luxembourg and Bulgaria to draw
  • Netherlands to beat Sweden
  • Portugal to beat Switzerland

Hayley O’Connor of Ladbrokes said:

“This customer must have a crystal ball because just looking at all of those matches would make you dizzy, let alone predict who will win every one of them. Fair play to him. He got change from a fiver after placing the bet and now he’s collecting nearly nine thousand euros. That’s not bad for a mid-week wager.”

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