"He honestly will stop for anyone who has a dog" - O'Neill's advice on how to approach Keane 2 weeks ago

"He honestly will stop for anyone who has a dog" - O'Neill's advice on how to approach Keane

It's no secret that Roy Keane is not the biggest fan of selfies.

He showed as much at the recent Packers-Giants NFL game in London when he told a selfie-seeking fan, in no uncertain terms, to get lost. The fan walked away then, he had no other choice, and Keane sat there shaking his head.


Martin O'Neill knows Keane better than most, having had the Corkman as his assistant manager with Ireland and Nottingham Forest, and he has some advice for people who want to get a picture with the 51-year-old.

Just as it's no secret that Keane is no fan of selfies, it's also widely known that the Cork-man is dog-lover. His dog 'Triggs' was one of the famous dogs in football right up until his passing in 2012. Keane has also supported numerous dog charities around the country and has been an ambassador for Irish Guide Dogs for the blind.


"Unlike humans, dogs don't talk shit," was one of his more famous quotes.

Martin O'Neill is currently promoting his new book, Β 'On Days Like These: My Life in Football', and it was on the Late Late Show when he advised fans on how to approach his former right-hand-man.

"First of all, if he has the beard, which does not suit him, if he is wearing the beard, trouble is brewing. There's no question about it.

"If he's clean shaven, I can relax a bit, thinking, yeah, we're okay.


"If you're walking down the street with Roy, you know that there's going to be fans coming up and you know, at times, he doesn't really like the selfies. And he can be mad, particularly when he's got the beard.

"So I can see it coming, you want to warn the people coming up 'don't go there,' and the one piece of advice I would give to anyone who wants to have a selfie with Roy is 'buy a dog.'

"He honestly will stop for anyone who has a dog. He loves it. And he will have selfies and he will bring them for tea. He'll do anything. Buy a dog."