Harry Kane injury creates a fantasy football nightmare 5 years ago

Harry Kane injury creates a fantasy football nightmare

We know what you're thinking. Spurs missing Harry Kane is more important than a few fantasy league managers dropping points here and there.

The England striker has suffered ankle ligament damage and could be out of action for two months, meaning he will miss Champions League trips to Moscow and Leverkusen, while his involvement in November's North London Derby is also up in the air.


You've probably cited that stat that suggests Mauricio Pochettino's side get fewer points without the England man than with him.

You might have even proffered a variation on the Aaron Ramsey theme, based on this little tidbit.


But we're here to tell you that you're wrong.

Fantasy football is far more important than real life. Just ask anyone with a Twitter username ending in -holic or -ology, or with the letter x in place of a randomly selected vowel.

Sure, Kane's ligament damage is probably pretty painful, but is it more painful than having to sacrifice four points (or worse, use your wildcard in September) to bring in Vincent Janssen and spend the budget you saved on upgrading another member of the squad.

Anyone who has suffered ligament damage in the past will tell you it's the former, but can we really trust anyone that biased? Surely it would be irresponsible not to listen to the random guesswork of internet football fans.


So, without further ado...


Still, at least 'Bosscielny6' is happy.

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