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07th Apr 2019

Gordon Strachan ‘faces axe’ from Sky over Adam Johnson comments

Simon Lloyd

His comments came during an episode of Sky Sports show The Debate

Gordon Strachan’s future as a Sky Sports pundit is in jeopardy following the backlash to his controversial comments about Adam Johnson.

The former Scotland manager was appearing on The Debate when he compared the convicted sex offender with black players who have faced racial abuse.

Asked by host Geoff Shreeves if he felt “it would be nigh on impossible” for Johnson, who was playing for Sunderland shortly before his conviction of sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl, to return to the game “due to the stigma attached to his particular crime”.

In response to the question, Strachan theorised whether Johnson being verbally abused for the crime that he has committed should be treated in the same way as people abused because of the colour of their skin.

“Here’s the thing,” Strachan said. “We’re talking vile abuse and things like that. Let’s say he goes out onto the pitch and people start calling him names, are going to do the same as with the racist situation? Is it alright to call him names now after doing his three years? Are we going to allow that to happen?”

Understandably, the comments have since been widely condemned, with numerous anti-racism campaigners amongst those to criticise him.

The Daily Mail now report that Sky Sports will hold discussions with the 62-year-old about his comments before making a decision as to whether he should appear on the show – or in any other punditry role – again.

BBC Scotland reporter Connor Gillies has stated that Sky Sports will not be having Strachan on again after his comments on the show.

Speaking on Saturday night, a Sky spokesperson said: “Of course Sky Sports does not support the comments and we’re sorry for the offence they have caused.”

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