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10th Oct 2018

Gianluigi Buffon has named the top three stadiums he has played in

Wayne Farry

He has played in a lot of football stadiums

Gianluigi Buffon has enjoyed a stellar career dating back to 1995, winning pretty much everything there is to win and playing with and against some of the best players on earth.

As part of this illustrious career, the 40-year-old goalkeeper has obviously played in most of European football’s biggest stadiums, from Old Trafford and the Parc des Princes to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and the Camp Nou.

With all of these stadiums in ticked off his bucket list, it’s natural that Buffon has some which stand out more than others.

Buffon was asked exactly this question on Instagram Stories recently and his answer will delight the kind of fans who take personal pleasure from their club’s stadium being praised. Which is normal.

“There are a lot of them,” he said.

“Definitely Anfield, in Liverpool, that was one of the few stadiums – along with Rangers in Glasgow and Fenerbahce in Istanbul – where there was such commotion for the first 15-20 minutes that I had trouble concentrating.”

Buffon was also asked what the most memorable game of his career was and to be fair, this answer was a lot less controversial.

“The best game? Every final is pure emotion, but if I have to say one I’d say the World Cup final, even if that’s slightly predictable.”

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