Gerard Pique secretly sent voice note from Sergio Ramos to Spanish football president 1 year ago

Gerard Pique secretly sent voice note from Sergio Ramos to Spanish football president

The message sent by Ramos to Piqué has been leaked

A message sent by Gerard Piqué to Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) featuring a message from Sergio Ramos, has been leaked.


The leak has emerged in the midst of the current fallout surrounding the issue of power within Spanish football, with Rubiales and David Aganzo, who leads the country's players' union (AFE), embroiled in a power struggle.

Marca have reported that Barcelona's Piqué and Rubiales were working together to gather support to help remove Aganzo from his position, with the defender seeking the views of his national team counterpart.

The transcript reveals the conversation had by the Spanish duo

Ramos, who currently plays in France for Paris Saint-Germain, allegedly revealed details of the issues between Rubiales and Aganzo, which has since been leaked publicly in Spain.


The message is one of several which have been leaked, leading to a number of attacks from the Spanish press. It said: "Rubi, this is a message that Sergio Ramos has sent me. Keep it for yourself. Please keep it confidential."

Transcripts of the message have been published, with Piqué also allegedly saying: "I know the relationship that Rubi and Aganzo have had and they were close brothers.

"And what happens? When Rubi presented himself for the presidency of the Federation, well, he put the other (referring to Aganzo) in the AFE...

"Rubi had three or four there in the AFE who told him everything, even when Aganzo was president. So, he took them and from then on, the war started and now he wants to kill him, because Rubi wants to rule in the Federation and in the AFE.


"This is also a very delicate subject, Geri. And me with Aganzo, obviously, I've already told you, the relationship was correct and professional for belonging to the union and defending the interests of the players.

"But… after the ugly thing he did to me I have put the cross on him. I believe that this is not an issue of ours, it is an issue... I don't know, I think that here it's a matter for them to solve among themselves."

Gerard Pique Sergio Ramos

Piqué has already been involved in a number of leaked messages


Piqué already made headlines earlier in the week after El Confidential revealed conversations held between the defender and the head of the RFEF, which claimed that the company owned by Piqué pocketed £20m for helping bring the Spanish Supercopa to Saudi Arabia.

The 35-year-old has since denied the claims and insisted that he had "nothing to hide" while also insisting that the process to hold the tournament in the Middle East had been done "legally".

Further reports, as per the Daily Mailhave also claimed that Piqué contacted Rubiales to allow him to be called up to the Spain squad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - but to keep his appearance a secret.

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