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15th Oct 2016

Gary Lineker tries to put Donald Trump in his place, cops unexpected flak

Conan Doherty

Ah, he’s just trying to have a bit of craic.

Gary Lineker doesn’t take himself too seriously. The whole bloody world knows that.


Even if he did try to take himself seriously now, how the hell could he?

Back in the summer of 2015, Lineker questioned the hiring of Claudio Ranieri for his beloved Leicester. It ended well but it didn’t end well. He proclaimed that, if the side went on to win the league, he’d present Match of the Day in his underwear. An ‘I’ll eat my hat’ moment that you’re never really called on.

You get called out on things on Twitter though. But he’s still able to laugh about it.

And, whilst Lineker might not take himself too seriously on social media, Donald Trump does’t seem to take himself too seriously either. Presidential candidate or not. He is angry however.

It’s been a mad week across the pond and the Republican party’s nominee is hitting back.

Lineker wasn’t having any of it and used his misery watching Leicester fall to Chelsea and fall from grace this season to hit back sarcastically at the New Yorker’s claims.

Then, everyone else decided to hit back at the Match of the Day presenter.

Sport and politics and all that.

Stay out of it.

He has a point.


But there are bigger problems at hand here.

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