Gareth Bale faces possible 12 match ban for celebration in Madrid derby 2 years ago

Gareth Bale faces possible 12 match ban for celebration in Madrid derby

LaLiga have asked the Spanish FA to sanction the player.

Gareth Bale could face a ban of up to 12 matches after making an offensive gesture during the Madrid derby, after LaLiga asked RFEF (Spanish FA) to sanction the player.

Bale scored Real Madrid's third goal against Atlético at the Wanda Metropolitano last weekend before making a gesture universally interpreted as meaning 'up yours'. It was his 100th goal for Real Madrid since he signed from Tottenham in 2013.

But it could land him in hot water and pose a problem for his team, as he could miss the club's next 12 league games, should the Spanish FA decide to impose the heaviest sanction possible.

LaLiga are encouraging them to do so, in an attempt to cut out offensive celebrations.

These are the four articles in the rulebook of Spanish football that the celebration could be found to be in breach of:


Article 93. Public Provocation. This article states that "provoking the animosity of the public" could face between a four and 12 game ban.

Article 100. Serious unsporting conduct. This article says Bale could see a suspension between four and 10 games along with a fine if the conduct is seen as unsporting and if it considered serious.

Article 121. Provoking the public. "Provoking the animosity of the public without achieving its objective will see one sanctioned for between one and three games or for a time period up to a month."

Article 122. Unsporting conduct. This is the same as article 100 which could see a fine of €602 and a ban of up to four games for such behaviour that is deemed mild.

Despite reaching a century of goals for Los Blancos, averaging just under one in every two games, fans are still not entirely convinced by the Welshman, with a recent poll suggesting 54% of Madrid supporters would like to see the 29-year-old leave in the summer.

After Cristiano Ronaldo's exit, Bale has failed to fill his shoes, but has still managed to score 12 goals this season.