Forget Eurovision, Wigan fans have the song of the year wrapped up 7 years ago

Forget Eurovision, Wigan fans have the song of the year wrapped up

Now, we know you're not all children of the 90s.

You might not have spent your summers in random European cafes, eating ice cream while the summer's Europop hits worm their way into every second of silence.


So you can be forgiven for not knowing Gala's 1997 classic 'Freed from Desire'.

But even if you're not familiar with the Italian singer, her magnum opus has been brought back by a group of inventive Wigan Athletic fans (no, that's not an oxymoron) in tribute to their top scorer Will Grigg.

Former MK Dons striker Grigg found the net 25 times in League 1 this season as the Latics secured a first-time return to the second tier, and he has been terrifying defences all season.


So much so that a chant has been doing the rounds, borrowing more than a little from Gala.

Clip via Ben Potter

As is the case with pretty much any football chant, 'Will Grigg's on Fire' was never going to stay confined to that one group of fans in a pub.


The memes have already begun


And fans of other teams are impressed

So much so that they want to sign the forward just to have an excuse to use the chant themselves


While the backlash against Eurovision entrants Joe and Jake has already begun

The people have spoken