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29th Aug 2023

Rio Ferdinand lashes out at those who criticised Bruno Fernandes

Lee Costello

Bruno Fernandes

“How dare these people talk like that.”

Rio Ferdinand was in disbelief at the criticism Man United’s Bruno Fernandes has received in recent weeks and has jumped to the Portugal international’s defence.

Fernandes has been taking a lot of flack for a few reasons, but most of it surrounds his attitude as he can be regularly seen protesting to referees and his fellow teammates, throwing his arms in the air.

Now captain of the team, replacing Harry Maguire last summer, pundits such as Micah Richards thought he should behave in a different matter, but during their 2-0 defeat to Tottenham, he even picked up a yellow card for verbally abusing match officials.

The former Man City defender said that the Fernandes’ attitude on the pitch was “pathetic” and “embarrassing”, with other pundits agreeing.

However, speaking on his podcast, Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE, the ex-Man United defender rubbished those criticisms.

“I swear to you the flack he has been getting this last week,” Ferdinand added.

“I’ve been sitting there with my mouth wide open, thinking ‘how dare these people talk like that’. He’s been the most creative player in the league this last season.

“‘He’s the most creative player at this point in the season so far. He’s the first player to get ten goal opportunities created for his team-mates out of anybody.

“Since he’s come to the club he’s out performed every other player in terms of goals created, chances made and assists.

“Players like Bruno Fernandes are going to stand out more than any other player on the pitch for one reason – they take risks,” he said.

“When he takes a risk and it goes well they’re going to stand out more than everyone else.

“But when it doesn’t go well that’s why there’s a big “hurrah” about it because he’s the one with the big b*lls, the big cojones to go out there… Do you know how scared some players are to take risks? Do you know what character that takes?”

Fernandes did respond by scoring the penalty that completed Man United’s comeback against Nottingham Forest and saw them win 3-2.

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