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08th Aug 2015

F*** me! It all got a little bit sweary during BT Sport’s coverage of Manchester United v Spurs

Harry and Wrighty on top form


You can’t move for Harry Redknapp at the moment

The man who once used his inability to spell correctly as part of his defence in a COURT OF LAW is all over Twitter, has a new column on the Telegraph and is a studio pundit on BT Sport for the new season.

Saying that we won’t be complaining if ‘Arry keeps up with anecdotes like this as the season continues.

Recalling Neil Ruddock and (one of) his preferred past-times Harry was in top form.

Yes, it’s technically not swearing but by the anodyne standards of modern broadcasting Harry’s tales brought an apology from host Darren Fletcher.

Obviously inspired by Harry, Ian Wright was next up predicting that Harry Kane would score shitloads of goals this season.

Yes, shitloads. We think that means 25+.

In fairness to Wrighty he managed to correct himself just in time, though the reaction from Robbie Savage and Fletcher said it all.

But there’s not a club in the Premier League that wouldn’t want a striker who will score shitloads of goals this season.

Post-match, the prickliness didn’t stop and nor did the #bantz in the studio.

Football is back. God how we’ve missed it.

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