Roy Keane comments on England sparked a strong reaction 7 months ago

Roy Keane comments on England sparked a strong reaction

"Roy Keane is back with us to restore some calm."

A rarely used sentence but ITV presenter Mark Pougatch went with it as Roy Keane resumed his seat on the panel.

The former Manchester United and Ireland captain joined host Pougatch and a panel completed by former England internationals Gary Neville, Lee Dixon and Ian Wright.

The quartet of former footballers were last together earlier in the tournament and viewers got a real kick out of Keane telling his colleagues to cool the jets after they beat Panama 6-1. With a well-timed hook of his thumb, the Cork native dead-panned:

"England have already won the tournament, according to these lads down here."

Keane had missed the last few games of ITV's coverage from Russia but he will be there for the final, on Sunday, and was in-situ for the semi-final clash between England and Croatia.

Ahead of the game, Keane was already drawing the ire of English supporters on the 'It's Coming Home' bandwagon.

One Irishman abroad could feel Keane's pain...

With England 1-0 up at half-time, courtesy of a Kieran Trippier cracker-jack free, some were not having Keane's pragmatic suggestion that England were not home and hosed.

The game headed into extra time so Keane, at least, was on over-time and getting handsomely paid.