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16th Apr 2022

Fans notice significant mistakes in Emile Smith Rowe’s new tattoo


It’s 13 o’clock somewhere

Emile Smith Rowe has apparently got a new tattoo. The Arsenal midfielder’s new ink depicts a lion beneath a cracked clock displaying with Roman numerals.

None of this is inherently interesting – footballers get unoriginal tattoos all the time – but inspect a little closer and you will notice some rather significant mistakes in the artwork.

Take a close look at the Roman numerals and you will see not only numbers written incorrectly, but the number 13 also making an appearance. On a clock.

For those unfamiliar with Roman numerals (which is fine, just maybe don’t get them tattooed on your body), the number four should be written as IV (one less than five), but on Smith Rowe’s tattoo, it is written as IIII.

Fan reaction to this has been predictably savage, with many suggesting he should sue the tattoo artist.

Another joked that such a clock would make Molly Mae proud, after the Love Island star turned influencer went viral for her ‘everyone has the same 24 hours’ comments on the Diary of a CEO podcast. Smith Rowe, it seems, has 26.

Hopefully for his own sake, the laser removal technology has become advanced enough for these errors to be corrected. Otherwise he might be regretting this one after he clocks the quite significant flaw.

On the pitch, Smith Rowe is enjoying a strong season with Arsenal, scoring 11 goals in all competitions this season. Back to back losses against Crystal Palace and Brighton, however, have made Arsenal’s task of finishing fourth much harder than they had hoped.

The Gunners kick off against Southampton at 3pm today (Saturday 16th) and will hope to get back to winning ways and close the gap on arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

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