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20th Mar 2017

WATCH: Dirk Kuyt’s son is 5-years-old and is already better than you at football

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Darragh Murphy

What were you doing at five-years-old?

If your answer is “mainly falling over” then you were in the same boat as us.

Dirk Kuyt’s son is not just in a different boat but he’s in an entirely different body of water as he has shown that talent most definitely runs in the family.

Aidan, the son of the former Liverpool winger, scored a wonderful solo goal for Quick Boys at the weekend and with the combination of his mop of blonde hair and his tireless desire to get up the pitch, you can definitely see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

A proud father, Kuyt shared the footage of his little boy running riot against the opposition with the caption: “5 years old and he loves this game already just as much as I do.”

Kuyt, now at Feyenoord, became a cult hero during his six seasons at Anfield and if his son carries on at this rate, we might see a second Kuyt lining out for the Reds in the not-too-distant future.

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