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06th Dec 2022

Didi Hamann thought Brazil substitution was “disrespectful” to South Korea

Lee Costello

“This is an unwritten rule.”

Didi Hamann was not impressed with Brazil’s 4-1 win over South Korea, and thought that one substitution in particular was disrespectful to the opposition.

Neymar, who was also heavily criticised by Hamann recently returned to the starting team and converted a penalty in their one-sided win over South Korea, although it was Richarlison’s goal that really stood out.

The samba soccer squad were in jubilant form, performing dances in their goal celebrations and clearly enjoying themselves, much to Roy Keane’s annoyance.

Hamann Brazil

However, it was the decision to the substitute Alisson Becker, their number one goalkeeper, that really irked RTE’s German pundit, and he wasn’t shy in explaining why.

“I don’t think today they needed to be at their best,” former Germany midfielder Hamann said on RTÉ.

“They did what they had to do in the first half, they scored four goals. They took their foot off the gas (in the second half), understandably because they could play in second gear and save some energy for the next few games.

Hamann Brazil

“There are bigger tests ahead. I think they’re in the easier or weaker half of the draw. They’ve Croatia coming up and then Argentina or Netherlands.

“There were just a couple of things, the dancing in the first half and then taking the ‘keeper off (in the second half). For me, this is an unwritten rule, and it doesn’t go with that lovely tribute now to Pelé.

“Because, you know, at times I feel, that they don’t give the opposition the respect they should, and you don’t see that with any other nation in the tournament.

Hamann Brazil

“I just got a feeling that they think they are invincible and to take the ‘keeper off with 10 minutes to go is something you just don’t do.

“Because it’s an unwritten rule, unless the goalkeeper is injured, you don’t take the ‘keeper off. For me, it’s disrespectful, and I can’t see any other nation doing it.

“They think they’re invincible. I think that they think that they are half way to winning this tournament, but it’s a long way to go. As I said at half-time, you’ve got to be very careful not to tempt fate.

“But I think they tried their best to just do it. There’s always something bigger than you, and you always have to keep your feet on the floor, and do the talking afterwards.

“By the third goal, the game was over, if anything they were dancing more for the third and the fourth goal than the first goal. My first reaction was, you won’t be dancing in two weeks’ time.”

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