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31st May 2016

David Forde’s reaction to being dropped from the squad speaks volumes about the man

Mikey Stafford

What a gentleman.

Even in what must have been a moment of intense personal pain, David Forde did not disappoint the fans.

The substitute goalkeeper at a League One club where he used to be the top dog, the Galway man must have been eyeing the upcoming European Championships like a carrot on a stick.

Not playing much football for Millwall, but keeping a hand in with Ireland, he could travel to France and maybe make an appearance.

If nothing else he would be the same genial giant he proved to be in and around the team hotel in Sopot back in 2012. A handsome, polite, gregarious individual – the joke was, as third keeper, he had the time to keep all the wives and girlfriends company (IN AN INNOCENT SENSE) . So much so that Stephen Hunt and the rest of the team took to calling him Clark Kent.

Holding doors open, drinking coffee, making small talk. A gentleman.

After getting 45 minutes in Turner’s Cross he might have expected to be be on the plane to France, but Martin O’Neill stumped for the in-form Keiren Westwood over Forde.

It must have been a terrible blow for the 36 year old but he managed to keep his emotions in check as he left the Cork ground.

Not only that, he managed to sign autographs for fans and also pose for selfies.

What an absolute legend. What a gentleman.


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