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12th Dec 2022

Danny Murphy with a whole plate of egg on his face after Lionel Messi, England garbage

Patrick McCarry

Danny Murphy

Seemed like a bad take at the time, too.

Read the quotes in black and white and it does not sound too awful. But we urge you to look at the video (below) and the way Danny Murphy delivers this stone-cold take on Argentina.

Remember November 24th? It came three days after England got their normally placid supporters excited with a 6-2 win over Iran.

It was two days after Saudi Arabia shocked Argentina with a 2-1 victory over the heavily fancied South American side.

Back on November 24th, English hopes were high and Argentina were up against it, just to make the World Cup knock-out stages. It was also the date Danny Murphy gave an outrageous take on Lionel Messi, the Argentine players and Gareth Southgate’s England side.

The former Liverpool midfielder opined that he would select two players, three “max”, in a combined Argentina and England XI.

Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy on Messi and Argentina

High on life, and England’s opening game trouncing of Iran, Danny Murphy told talkSPORT: “I was looking at the Argentina team, and sometimes you easily get drawn on the narrative from the press – they’re unbeaten in 35, they’ve got Messi, they must be one of the favourites.

“When I actually looked at the game and we were going through the players, I mean I’ll ask you now, how many of those players get in our team?

“Two? No more than three. Even if you get Messi, you’d fit Messi in, obviously. Maybe Romero would get in at centre-half when he’s at it, I know he has been injured for Tottenham.”

Three weeks on, with Argentina in the World Cup semi-final and England already back home, that Murphy take has aged like a carton of milk in the Qatari sunshine.

Incredible carry on.

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