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16th Jul 2018

Roy Keane comment on Croatia’s goalkeeper had the ITV panel in stitches

He hardly moved for two of France's goals

Patrick McCarry

Not to piss on their parade, but…

France won the World Cup yesterday afternoon, beating Croatia 4-2 in a game that was wide open from start to finish.

It was a game decided on fine margins. The first goal, a result of Antoine Griezmann going down very easily, went in with the help of a deflection from Mario Mandžukić. France’s second goal was also fortunate for them, as the referee dithered over the penalty decision for a long time before eventually giving it.

But it was their third and fourth goals that really caught people’s eye. Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba put the game to bed with strikes from outside the penalty area, leaving Croatia little chance of levelling the score again, but the goals were arguably made to look better than they were.

Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subašić failed to dive properly in order to stop either shot, as he looked resigned to conceding almost every shot that came towards him.

Over in ITV’s Moscow studio, Roy Keane noted, too, that the Monaco goalkeeper did not look as sharp as he had earlier in the tournament.

“You’re hoping your goalkeeper will make a save during the game. The goalkeeper didn’t make a save, which didn’t help.”

The line was delivered with typical candour from Keane and had fellow pundits Ian Wright and Gary Neville laughing in the studio.

Looking back on the match statistics, Subašić is credited with three saves from the six he faced during the match [the own goal being an unfortunate anomaly]. Not exactly a stinker but he will know himself that he could have done better for the second half strikes.

The 33-year-old’s failure to save these shots wasn’t due to a lack of effort though, as the Monaco man was carrying an injury from the quarter-finals, as many viewers pointed out:

Towards the end of extra time in Croatia’s quarter-final against Russia, Subašić suffered a muscle injury [hamstring] that limited his mobility, but was determined to play through the following matches for his country.

Croatia made it through against England despite his lack of fitness but it France were able to expose his lack of mobility a lot more, shooting from distance knowing he wouldn’t be able to dive as well as usual.

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